Welcome to Telecommunication Team!

Who we are!

The UNIFEI telecommunication team is focused on basic research in the electromagnetism and propagation of electromagnetic waves area. In this immense field of research in electromagnetism, we are directly interested in three areas: optics and photonics, radio frequency (RF) and wave propagation and antennas.

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What we do!

In the area of optics and photonics, we are at the science frontier when developing new devices, on nanometric scales, in silicon technology, called Integrated Optics (Silicon Photonics). This concept of nanophotonics allows to miniaturize network components, reaching high data trasmission rates. Furthermore, the team's work is directed to the Optical Transformation (OT) research line, which allows to get new structures and devices, such as perfect lenses and the cloack of invisibility.

In the Radio frequency research line, we are working on the development of RF chipless sensors and also in application of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) in IoT (Internet of Things). The team relies on professionally certified researches to work with RFID systems within GS1 EPCglobal standards.

Finally, in our third pillar of waves and antennas propagation, we develop scientific researchs for the new fifth generation cellphone networks (5G), looking for strong innovation when integrating optical control in antenna arrangements. More over, we can connect the nanophotonics and RF research lines when integrating concepts of: propagation, radar, optics and antennas. More details about our research line can be found in the team's publications, as well as by our contact.

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